Mother Teresa’s Take on Abortion

For those who believe in the evolutionary theory of slime plus time, humanity has regressed backward, not forward; like Adam and Eve, we, as a nation believed in taking short cuts to our own comforts, and have recreated the monsters of Hitler, Goering, Mousillini, Stalin, and Mao and wrapped them all into one tidy idol that is a merciless murdering, killing machine, and we have helped other nations like Iran, to become what we once hated, white washed sepulchers full of evil and rapacity, falling into our own evil devices and traps that we have laid out for the innocent and the Godly. Judgement Day has just begun, and you can run but you can’t hide. Not matter what color, race, sexual deviant choice, or creed, the fire from Heaven will destroy the guilty- those who pretend not to see, not to hear, not to know, not to speak will see, hear, and know the doom they are about to experience; those who support the evil, whether privately or publicly have no excuse. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, India, who died in 1994, warned President Bill Clinton about the consequences of our abortion policies- here is the linked:

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