(Grace for Moment)


All people will know that you are my followers if you love each other.

JOHN 13:35

Watch a small boy follow his dad through the snow. He stretches to step where his dad stepped. Not an easy task. His small legs extend as far as they can so his feet can fall in his father’s prints.

The father, seeing what the son is doing, smiles and begins taking shorter steps, so the son can follow.

It’s a picture of discipleship.

In our faith we follow in someone’s steps. A parent, a teacher, a hero—none of us are the first to walk the trail. All of us have someone we follow.

In our faith we leave footprints to guide others. A child, a friend, a recent convert. None should be left to walk the trail alone.

It’s the principle of discipleship.

The Inspirational Study Bible

Can we honestly answer the question whether or not we are leaving the footprints of Christ for others in our daily walk?

Are we just letting our love be in words and speech (platitudes and Christian euphemisms: Reasons for using euphemisms vary by context and intent. Commonly, euphemisms are used to avoid directly addressing subjects that might be deemed negative or embarrassing. Euphemisms are also used to downplay the gravity of large-scale injustices, war crimes, or other events that warrant a pattern of avoidance in official statements or documents. For instance, one reason for the comparative scarcity of written evidence documenting the exterminations at Auschwitz, relative to their sheer number, is “directives for the extermination process obscured in bureaucratic euphemisms”).

My previous post is part and parcel of the the directive to believe that God is our fortress.

If we believe, are we showing that our faith and love is a matter of practice in our daily lives, and extending it to those around us despite the cost?

Did not the Good Shepherd leave the 99 and climb down the hillside to rescue that one that was lost?

Is He not the healer, the Good Samaritan, tending to the wounds of that lost sheep before He released it back into the fold?

Does He ever stop watching that little sheep to make sure that it continues to fare well, and is He not willing to re-rescue that sheep if it should once again astray?

Remember that Jesus did not just speak words, but His words were always followed with actions.

Finally, He went to “any length”, even the Cross, to save those of us who were once ungrateful, implacable, obstinate, arrogant, insolent, self-indulgent, and spiritually diseased human beings.

If He is not Lord of the Fortress in our souls, the Keeper of the many mansions and closets in our minds and hearts, the Purifying fire, and our total delight, “we (or you) have a problem Houston”.

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