Miopically Boring Libs

It’s not because the libs support a socialist lib agenda, it’s because they are so poorly educated and so successfully brain-washed they have become little mechanical droids with a chip-set of 64 megs- just enough to allow them to say yes and no, pee, eat, take a dump, smoke pot, and screw all night. They have a disease called “myopically BORING”… another group about to inherent another level of Dante’s Inferno.

That is a perfect example of what happens when people miss the whole concept of patriotism, love of country and respect for those who sacrificed everything for it. Yes, Jaxon, you have the right to say everything you posted, but try to think about the price paid to establish and maintain that right before gracing us with your insights. I would bet that your perspective would be diametrically opposite had you stepped up to the call to serve. If you had actually served, then your departure from the military was a benefit to us all. If you are physically unable to serve, then talk to someone who was removed from service because they received their disability while defending your right to slam the “magical colored cloth”.

Nationalism isn’t the disease you should fear; ignorance and ingratitude inflict worse damage to society.

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